Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement:

In a landscape that demands constant innovation, NAWIRI stands as a pioneering digital loyalty platform that is redefining consumer engagement in Kenya’s manufacturing sector.

Meaning ‘flourish’ in Swahili, NAWIRI acts as a powerful conduit connecting manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

The NAWIRI Advantage: Secure, Customizable, and Inclusive

Boasting a broad influence across various Manufacturing sectors—from construction materials and automotive parts to agricultural inputs and household essentials—NAWIRI specializes in providing secure digital incentives.

Designed to appeal to a wide demographic, including shopkeepers, mechanics, farmers, and homemakers, NAWIRI features encrypted, scratch-to-reveal product coupons. These points can be redeemed for an extensive range of rewards: Airtime across all networks, M-Pesa cashback, utility tokens, and shopping vouchers, among others.

NAWIRI is easy to use on all types of mobile phones, including basic ones known as “Kabambe.” It uses smart texting features to make sure everyone can access its services.

Actionable Insights through Advanced Analytics

In an era dominated by data, NAWIRI excels in furnishing businesses with actionable insights derived from rich data analytics. These analytics are visually represented and supported by daily automated reports, offering a granular understanding of consumption patterns, product preferences, and top consumer behaviours. This data-driven approach empowers manufacturers to launch targeted campaigns with precision.

Unmatched Return on Investment

The tangible impact of NAWIRI’s approach is underscored by its proven ROI. Manufacturers have witnessed a staggering 30% increase in annual turnover within just one year of activation. Rapid deployment, which includes a prototype preview, ensures that businesses can realize these benefits within two short months. Esteemed companies like Isuzu East Africa and Crown Paints PLC attest to NAWIRI’s unparalleled digital loyalty capabilities, having significantly bolstered their market shares.


NAWIRI has been a game-changer in boosting our consumer engagement and fighting counterfeits.” – Isuzu East Africa.

Our market share has significantly increased since integrating Digital Customer Loyalty targeting the direct consumers (painters) as influencers of purchase through our Team Kubwa Loyalty Program.” – Crown Paints PLC

In Summary

NAWIRI has not only disrupted conventional consumer engagement strategies but has emerged as an indispensable tool for manufacturers. With its custom-built, data-centric, and ROI-focused design, NAWIRI is the vanguard of a new age of consumer loyalty and brand interaction in a fiercely competitive market.