ERP Consulting: Audit & Assessment


A complete ERP Systems Audit & Health Check.

    • An independent study of your ERP investment showing percentage utilization and Value for Money.
    • Recommendations on what unutilized ERP modules to systematically roll out: Useful for Strategic planning when matched with overall Company Strategy & handed to IT departments as Annual Goals.
    • Review of ERP Change Management procedures to curb fraudulent user actions.
    • Reviewing System Access & General Controls for S.O.D (Segregation of Duties) enforcement to reduce conflicts of interest.
    • Assessing levels of DRP – Disaster Recovery Preparedness for Business Continuity.
    • Provides Industry Best Practices and recommendations for ERP Management and use.
    • ERP Specialty: SAP, Navision & Odoo

CSFA (Customer Sales Force Automation)

Through Mobile and Web platforms away from the Office, Salesmen & Customers are able to interact with the Business ERP for:

    • Sales Order Processing, Statements, Invoice Reports, Product Manuals, Feedback & Complaints. This is made possible by CSFA (Customer Sales Force Automation) – CSFA involves ERP Mobile App & Browser integration to back-end ERP for Salesmen & Supply Chain Customers (Dealer Portals).
    • CSFA features Built-in Mobile GPS Tracking for Salesmen Route Planning & Accountability.
    • A wide variety of back-end ERPs is supported: SAP, Oracle, Sage Pastel, Microsoft Navision, Syspro & QuickBooks.

Robotic Process Automation

Takes the robot out of the human by doing any robotic or repetitive tasks in computer programs such as ERP entries including SAP and Excel or Power BI Reporting.

Our RPA bots can perform these repetitive tasks more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly than humans, freeing them to do other tasks requiring human strengths such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer.

PoS (Point of Sale) Till & Mobile Solutions

For Supermarket & Distributors featuring SMS, Airtime & MPESA Integration for Customer Loyalty. Includes integration to back-office Accounting Systems and ERPs such as:

    • SAP, Oracle, Sage Pastel, Microsoft Navision, Syspro & Quickbooks.


  • ERP Big Data Management: Business Intelligence, Analytics & Data Visualization (SAP HANA & Microsoft Power BI).
  • ERP Support, Training & Integration: (SAP, Navision, QuickBooks, ZOHO).
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions for managing Business Sales Leads & Opportunities.
  • Legal Practice ERP (Law Firm Management Software with Document Management)
  • HR Management Payroll Solutions.
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