About NAWIRI, a Digital Loyalty Platform:

A Swahili word meaning to ‘prosper’, the NAWIRI Digital Loyalty Platform enables Manufacturers or Distributors to thrive in the competitive supply chain along both Industrial and Domestic FMCG industry verticals such as:

    • Construction Material (Cement, Paint, Tiles, Iron Sheets)
    • Auto After Sales Products (Lubricants, Tires, Batteries & Parts)
    • Farming Inputs (Seeds & Fertilizers)
    • Domestic Consumer Goods (Detergents & Foodstuffs)

Nawiri Loyalty uses product coupons that securely hold scratch-to-reveal Points – for targeted bulk consumption INFLUENCERS such as Fundis, Mechanics, Housewives or Farmers. It features an E-reward system for these loyal customers to conveniently redeem accumulated Points through self-service from the comfort of their phones. These instant E-rewards include Airtime, Pre-paid KPLC Power Tokens, virtual shopping vouchers (m-Vouchers) and even MPESA or Data Bundle Rewards! This happens right from their Mobile Phones whether Smart through an Android App or SMS/USSD for Feature Phones. A new & intuitive way for manufacturers to track product consumption and trends directly from the Consumer!

Data-Driven Campaigns

Manufacturers can now collect useful data about the Consumer for deeper Market Insights & Product Consumption Trends: Countrywide Demographic of all Consumers, Preferred Product per Region, Best & Worst Performing SKU Regionally, Top Consumers etc. This is facilitated by a user-friendly data Visualization plugin that is built into the back-end System with daily emailed reports! Manufacturers can choose to white-list the Nawiri Loyalty Platform and adopt a customized instance with a campaign name of their choice.

Return on Investment (ROI)

With clear ROI, proven results show at least 30% increase in annual turnover in less than 1 year from Go-Live.

    • Automatic Airtime dispensation through Phone SMS, USSD and Android Apps have generated in excess of the 30% promised sales increase – immediately after implementation.
    • Deployment is quick (1-2 months Go Live), seamless and stand-alone with a ready prototype simulation before Go Live.
    • This ROI has been demonstrated in leading Multinational FMCG companies locally with stunning record breaking sales performances in just one year from Go Live!


Extending NAWIRI

We can also plug into your existing Loyalty Solution and introduce a customized MOBILE APP or USSD to infuse product points with INSTANT Airtime, Data Bundles or Pre-paid Electricity Tokens – especially for Supermarkets & Distributors.

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